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Irpino Law Firm: Independent New Orleans Personal Injury Attorneys Passionate About Helping People Win Justice

Irpino Law Firm is an independent law firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are not beholden to any insurance companies or corporate interests, only to serving the needs of our clients and helping them win justice.

We are a full-service law firm dedicated to serving our clients and fighting for their rights under the law. When we take your case, we will look out for your needs every step of the way.

All of our accident and injury lawyers are experienced and passionate about justice and the integrity of our profession. We do not take every case that walks through our doors, only those that have legal merit. And we never settle for an easy and quick payout.

Irpino Law Firm’s Accident and Injury Lawyers Are Focused on Specific Areas of Personal Injury and Property Damage Law

For many law firms, personal injury is just one of many areas of their practice. At Irpino, personal injury cases are our main focus. When an individual is injured because of the negligence of another or through the negligence of a corporation, that person is often powerless against the powerful. Irpino Law Firm fights for the rights of the underdog.

Irpino Law Firm handles cases involving::

  • Personal injury
  • Property damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • House fire damage
  • Auto, truck, motorcycle, and helicopter accidents
  • Maritime and offshore injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Jones Act cases
  • Mesothelioma cancer
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Defective drugs
  • Nursing home abuse and neglect
  • Chemical exposure
  • Corporate negligence
  • Wrongful death
  • Class action cases

Our attorneys have worked on the plaintiff steering committees of many high-profile class action lawsuits, including cases covering Hurricane Katrina, defective Chinese drywall, and the BP oil spill. We put this experience to work for you to ensure you will be fully compensated through the protections the law provides.

Because our attorneys are passionate about helping people like you, we’ve won more than $350 million in claims since 1996.

Contact Irpino Law Firm’s Accident and Injury Lawyers Today for a Free Consultation

Find out how Irpino Law Firm can help you by calling us today to schedule your free consultation. Whether you talk to us on the phone or in person, we offer flexible options to fit your schedule. We focus on serving your specific needs at every step of the way.

Our friendly offices are located on Magazine Street, in the heart of Uptown New Orleans. We’re inspired by the great city we call home, and when we take your case, you become a member of the Irpino family.

Call us toll-free at 1-800-7500-LAW or contact our accident and injury lawyers online. We would love to speak with you regarding your needs.

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About The Firm

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Irpino Law Firm dedicates its time and resources to helping clients with their personal injury and property damage claims. Our work covers maritime and offshore injuries, mesothelioma cancer, traumatic brain injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, defective drugs, nursing home abuse and neglect, chemical exposure, 18 wheeler, auto, motorcycle and helicopter accident claims, hurricane damages and house fire accidents. To date, we have helped our clients earn over three hundred and fifty million dollars ($350,000,000.00) in settlements.
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