Hurricane Damage Claims Attorneys

Hurricanes Ravage the Gulf Coast – again

Fifteen years after our dual storms, Katrina and Rita, twelve years after Gustav and eight years after Isaac, 2020 brought us damaging storms Laura, Delta and Zeta.  Even though we’ve all dealt with storms in the past, each time it’s overwhelming and sometimes professional help is needed.

Hurricane Damage Claims Attorneys

Let us evaluate your hurricane claim

Has your insurance company denied or underestimated your claim? Let us look at your policy and the loss evaluation your insurance company has provided.  We may be able to help.

Things to do:

  • Look for damage – roof, ceiling, windows, structural, contents, flooring, etc.
  • Document – one of the best ways to help your claim is to document, document, document. Photograph anything damaged by the storm(s) – if in doubt, take a photo.
  • Mitigate – we are all required to make sure the damage does not get worse (meaning if there are safe steps we can take to stop additional damage from happening we must do so). An example would be having a tarp placed on the roof to make sure more rain doesn’t damage the inside of the home/business.
  • Keep receipts – any time you spend money on evacuation, lodging, food, etc. keep your receipts. Any expenses paid for repairs, no matter how small, keep up with your out of pocket expenses.

Things to know:

  • Is the damage wind, flood, or a combination of both?
  • What is the ‘named storm’ deductible?
  • What is my deductible if I have damage from more than one storm?

Let us:

  • Review your policy for coverages
  • Hire a private adjuster, if warranted, to prepare a full analysis of loss value
  • Help prepare full inventory of loss and true value of loss
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Prepare for litigation if required

If your insurance company is delaying or denying your payment, contact us immediately so we can help you fight back. Call 800-7500-LAW or 504-525-1500.

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